About our Company

Nova company has over 10 years of experience operating in the markets of Russia and Eastern Europe. Our areas of expertise include providing all types of services for creating unique interior designs and modern, high-quality interior finishes using state-of-the-art technologies. We open new high-tech possibilities for our clients in home improvement. A perfect renovation is an integral part of the interior. The use of stretch construction allows achieving a flawless look for the ceiling, concealing imperfections of the base surface and hiding utilities. To ensure the highest quality for our clients, we have established our own production of stretch ceilings in Orlando. Opening our own production facility enables us to maintain full control of the entire process, from ordering base materials to the final installation of stretch ceilings and lighting. To preserve the original qualities of materials, we maintain a controlled temperature in the premises through air conditioning. Our production and warehouses cover hundreds of square meters of future ceilings. The goods are ready to be delivered to customers at any moment.

We have our own expensive two-post high-frequency welding machine for welding harpoon and film. It performs all necessary operations, including joining two sheets. The precision of cutting is ensured by specialized computer software and a vast cutting area.

We offer a comprehensive range of services, from measurement to final installation, as well as manufacturing and selling materials according to your measurements. If needed, we provide training in the installation of stretch ceilings. For more information, please contact us​

Stages of production and installation of stretch ceilings:​

  • Customer visit and estimation

  • Detailed discussion with the customer on design options for the future ceiling, lighting, or walls

  • Contract signing and final measurement of the space

  • Creation of drawings, shrinkage calculation, and design of the future ceiling

  • Material cutting and, if necessary, splicing

  • Welding of harpoon around the perimeter of the stretch ceiling for attachment

  • High-quality packaging

  • Preparing the materials and dispatching the installation team for setup

Production timelines​

Due to our extensive manufacturing capacity, Nova company manages to maintain minimal production times even during periods of peak demand. Typically, the production time does not exceed 2 days. This timeframe may increase depending on the complexity of the order.​