Accent walls​

Accent walls, crafted using the stretch surface technology, are emerging as a new trend in modern interior design. This method adds a touch of flair to the design of your home or office, infusing it with vibrancy and elegance.

Stretch constructions for walls offer a range of advantages. They produce perfectly smooth surfaces that require minimal maintenance and can be employed in any part of your apartment to introduce contrast and drama. However, it’s worth noting that for this technique, it’s better to designate a lightly-used wall as the accent, as it’s susceptible to cuts and punctures.

The choice of textures and shades is virtually limitless. You can opt for glossy or matte finishes, monochromatic or adorned with designs, to achieve the desired effect. The array of effects you can emulate is truly vast. With this type of finishing, you can replicate luxurious finishes, such as backlit onyx walls and more, at a fraction of the cost. Thanks to their affordability, these structures are becoming a popular choice for many.

Another innovative approach involves backlighting the stretch canvas from behind or around its perimeter, adding an extra dimension to your accent walls.

In conclusion, accent walls using this technology offer a refined and cost-effective way to transform your space. They not only bring brightness and individuality to your interior but also balance the room’s proportions, making it more appealing and cozy.

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