Ceiling Design​

Stretch ceilings are gaining increasing popularity in apartments and private houses. They offer undeniable advantages – quick installation, reasonable cost, and longer service life compared to suspended or painted ceilings. Stretch ceilings are known for their strength and durability. We provide a 10-year warranty, but in reality, the finish will last much longer. The materials can withstand high temperatures and humidity, making them suitable for installation not only in rooms but also in kitchens, bathrooms, garages, and even outdoor spaces.

Thanks to a wide variety of textures and colors, this type of ceiling fits different styles. Stretch ceilings provide ample opportunities for implementing interesting ideas and creating unusual shapes. The richness of diversity is truly vast! However, despite the growing popularity of stretch ceilings, many people know little about them or have misconceptions. In order to shed some light on this topic, we have decided to gather all the essential information in one place. We hope it will be useful to you! Let’s explore the types of materials and construction options step by step. You can learn about the methods of illuminating stretch ceilings on “this” page.​

For convenience, types of stretch ceilings can be divided into the following groups:

By texture​

Glossy Surface
Glossy ceiling is a popular option for decorating the ceiling space. Elastic glossy finish have a smooth, shiny surface. Their light-reflecting properties and mirror-like reflection give the room increased brightness, visually expanding the space, making it more spacious and vibrant.

Matte Surface
Matte stretch ceilings are a great alternative to traditional textured or leveled ceilings, providing a smooth and flawless surface. The finished appearance resembles a regular painted ceiling but offers easier cleaning and protection against flooding. Unlike glossy ceilings, matte stretch ceilings do not create glares, making them suitable for various interior styles, from loft to classic.

By color​

White Finish Surface
It is used in every style, from classic to high-tech. A white ceiling visually enlarges a small space as it reflects light. It creates an atmosphere of tranquility without drawing attention to itself. A white stretch ceiling, in any execution, looks beautiful and advantageous. The choice of texture depends on what you ultimately want to achieve: a matte or glossy surface.

Color Finish
Colorful stretch ceilings are suitable for many spaces.  Contrasting color combinations are often used in modern interior, making colorful options suitable for multi-level constructions. The wide range of colors available for stretch ceilings allows for the creation of unique interiors. Both glossy and matte finishes are available.

Printed Finish
Stretch ceilings with photo printing offer the opportunity to create an attractive interior design. They become a central element of home decor, especially in multi-level constructions with lighting features. The images on the ceiling can vary from abstract patterns and colorful designs to imitating natural elements or famous ceiling frescoes.

By construction type​

A single-level stretch ceiling is an optimal solution for apartments or houses with low ceiling height. One can choose original decor, such as depicting a starry sky, clouds, unique floral prints, or artistic paintings. Additionally, a single-level ceiling can be enhanced with a sophisticated choice of lighting arrangements, including light lines, spotlights, or fiber optics.

Multi-level stretch ceilings are a progressive method for decorating apartments, houses, offices, and other spaces. These constructions consist of a frame and multiple canvases placed at different heights. This type of ceiling is fascinatingly combined with various textures, shapes, and colors, allowing for the creation of stylish and unique designs, highlighting focal areas.