Fiber Optics (Star Sky)

“Star Sky” creates a special atmosphere in the room, setting the tone for the entire interior. The foundation of the design consists of fiber optic threads that end with small light elements resembling real stars. Typically, black or dark blue fabric is used for installation, or material depicting a celestial vault, but any other colored fabric can also be utilized.

The installation of the “Star sky” lighting brings a multitude of benefits that truly justify its cost. Firstly, it allows you to forgo the need for nightlights since the gentle glow from the “stars” provides ample illumination during the evening, creating a soothing ambiance. Secondly, the clever use of fiber optic threads and twinkling lights gives the illusion of an expanded space, making the room feel more open and spacious. Moreover, the fabric serves as an ingenious way to conceal unsightly wires, ventilation, and other technical elements, maintaining a clean and seamless appearance in the room.

Fiber optic fabric perfectly complements the “celestial expanse” of minimalist-styled rooms, infusing them with a breath of life, especially when based on a white backdrop. It also looks intriguing in hi-tech environments when combined with space-themed motifs. Additionally, it adds a unique touch in eco-style interiors, emphasizing the desire for harmony with nature.

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