How it works​

Stretch ceilings are a great way to modernize any room. They are a type of drop ceiling that allows you to make your ceilings perfectly smooth, in any design you can imagine. They do not require extensive preparation before installation and periodic updating. Additionally, they have a longer lifespan compared to suspended or painted ceilings. Thanks to their variety of textures and colors, they are suitable for different conditions and styles. Unlike other types of drop ceilings, the base of the stretch ceiling is a thin PVC film, an elastic membrane, that is stretched below the main ceiling and attached to the special aluminum frame:​

The installation of the stretch ceilings is a fast process and doesn’t take more than two days – the ceilings don’t require any additional bear framing and can be installed directly on the existing ceiling without any mess. The PVC membrane is stretched and fixed on the aluminum extrusion on the perimeter of the room, providing a perfect flat and smooth surface without any bumps or uneven joints. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, stretch ceilings also have high durability and provide excellent insulation from moisture. They will last for many years, while still looking modern and attractive. This makes them perfect for use in both residential and commercial areas. Overall, stretch ceilings are a great choice for anyone who wants to make their ceilings perfect, while keeping it simple and mess-free.
The diagram below schematically shows how the elements of a stretch ceiling are installed:​

Here you can see a 4-minute time-lapse video of the complete process of installing a stretch ceiling in a bathroom.


The big benefit of stretch ceilings is design features. Stretch ceilings come in a big variety of shades, textures, patterns. They can be mounted in different planes, at different angles. They also can be combined with LED strips and lines to form what we call a cove-light ceiling. A cove-light ceiling is just a regular stretch ceiling with the LED strip that goes all around the perimeter of it. Cove-ceiling can help you to switch from using your current lighting fixtures to new, modern looking and efficient LED light.
Installation of stretch ceiling does not require any preparatory work (e.g., removing ugly popcorn beforehand) or any other special preparations of your current ceiling. That means that you save time, efforts, money and there will be no mess. An indisputable advantage of stretch ceilings is the speed of their installation compared to a traditional way of having your ceilings renovated. With a competentrational approach to the job, a 300 sq. feet-room ceiling can be fully done in just a couple of days. Another important detail is that it can be dismantled easily and reused again later on.
Stretch ceilings completely hide current ceiling flaws and defects. Communications, electrical wiring, auxiliary lighting elements and etc. can be run and hidden behind the film.

We use only a high-end PVC film that does not support combustion so you don’t put you or your family in risk in case of fire.

The film is also sustainable although PVC (polyvinyl chloride) might sound a little “chemical” and scary at first. The true is that PVC is a very versatile plastic. Nowadays it is used in a variety of applications in the building and construction, health care, electronics, automobile and other sectors, in products ranging from piping and siding, blood bags and tubing, to wire and cable insulation, windshield system components and more. In fact according to a survey that was performed in 2020 more then 60% of all installed water pipes in USA are made of PVC. PVC has always been, and continues to be, permitted by FDA for use in food-contact applications.
Stretch ceilings are water and moisture-proof, so there is nothing to worry about the appearance of steam condensate, mold or stains.

The cost of installation work may seem high at first glance, since the installation process is quite labor-consuming and requires qualified specialists and professional equipment. However, the average market price for a drop ceiling installation in the state of Florida starts at $5.5 per sq. feet and can go up to $25-30. In a traditional way to get a smooth ceiling first step is to remove popcorn from a ceiling then to mud a ceiling (and to sand it too) several times and finally to paint it. The average price for all aforementioned steps usually starts at 6 per square feet, but those steps are very time-consuming and messy. Stretch ceilings are almost the same price and starts from $7 per sq. feet.Therefore, if you have plans to renovate your ceiling, and eager to get a perfectly smooth and modern ceiling in no time and without making any mess, stretch ceilings should be your choice.


Their installation requires some special skills, tools and equipment.

Stretch ceilings slightly lower the level of the ceiling by an average of 1-2 inches, and sometimes even more if 2- or 3-level ceiling is required.

Despite the fact that stretch ceilings are considered to be quite strong, they are made of thin PVC membrane that can be damaged under certain circumstances. For instance, a flying champagne cork will definitely make a hole in it and the membrane will be damaged. In addition, PVC film is quite sensitive to low temperatures (lover that 32F) which is generally not so important in Florida.