In a market where designer ceilings lack modern solutions, we come with a unique idea that will revolutionize your perception of ceilings. We are a professional company with extensive experience, turning dreams and high expectations of our clients into reality. We will help transform your space into a functional and attractive place. We offer contemporary solutions in designer ceilings and modern lighting, accentuating the ceiling’s aesthetics and creating a special ambiance in your space.

Our clients include corporate companies, construction organizations, architects, project bureaus, designers, and individuals. We work on projects of various scales, including offices, pools, exhibition galleries, as well as private cottages and apartments, among others.

Join us to bring your unique ideas to life and create ceilings and lighting that will bestow your interior with unmatched beauty and functionality. NOVA – your source of inspiration and modern design!


In the modern world, when it comes to renovation, it’s no longer enough to simply apply texture to the ceiling and paint it. Our company offers a completely new solution, developed using modern technologies and boasting a beautiful and smooth appearance – stretch ceilings. These constructions are more practical and efficient than painted, tiled, or gypsum board ceilings. Stretch ceilings can be used for various purposes, such as providing a simple and quick cover for a basic textured ceiling or creating an original and intricate design. A properly chosen ceiling enhances all the merits and conceals imperfections of any space, while well-selected style and lighting bring comfort to any living environment.


Stretch ceilings are a popular solution not only for apartments but also for commercial spaces. An office serves as the face of a company, and visitors judge whether to start collaboration based on it. As they say, first impressions matter, and you only get one chance to make it. With the right choice of covering and decorative elements, you can emphasize the geometry of the office space, increase its work comfort, and visually expand the area. In the reception area, a stretch ceiling can serve as a kind of business card. Its surface can bear the company’s logo, drawings, reflecting the nature of the company’s activities. Also, stretch membrane is class 1 fire rating (bs2, d0 according to Europe classification), so you can install it almost everywhere.


Businesses often face the problem of heavy suspended structures for showrooms or bars. In situations with limited budgets and tight deadlines, it can be challenging to adequately prepare for an important industry exhibition or create attention-grabbing focal points in showrooms. Instead of panicking, consider the option of using stretch walls. You can easily print essential company information on them and confidently present your brand at industry events. We can help with this issue, as our stretch ceiling installation technology allows us to create almost any modular structure, in any shape and color, with a wide variety of lighting solutions. You no longer need to rely on heavy and messy gypsum board; we can do it faster, easier, and more affordably.


Today, stretch walls are gaining increasing popularity. They look very impressive, are easy to install, and come at a reasonable cost. Yet, they have the ability to completely transform a space, making the interior more unique and memorable. Stretch walls are essentially the same as stretch ceilings, with one difference: they are installed along the perimeter of the walls, as their name suggests. By incorporating stretch walls, one can opt to highlight them with LED backlighting or integrate light lines, enhancing the room’s visual appeal even further. Choosing a design with a beautiful print eliminates the need for additional decor; the wall itself becomes a decorative element in the room.