Lighting Design​

Proper lighting helps create a cozy and attractive ambiance in your space. The range of lighting fixtures for stretch ceilings is quite extensive, offering more options than traditional methods of decoration. With these choices, you can not only achieve a comfortable and original atmosphere at home but also visually adjust the shape or size of the room. Moreover, installing a stretch ceiling allows for a complete transformation of lighting with minimal expenses and effort, as this technology conceals wiring or irregularities without the need for additional construction work, avoiding excess dirt and dust. Let’s take a detailed look at the types of lighting fixtures used for stretch ceilings.​

In interior design, LED lines lighting is finding increasing use as it not only adds style and aesthetics to your space but also serves a significant functional purpose. It positively influences emotional well-being and significantly reduces electricity costs.

Magnetic track lights in stretch ceilings are a new trend in interior design. They can be incorporated into any style, from minimalist high-tech to cozy Scandinavian. Magnetic tracks for stretch ceilings are light fixtures that you have full control over!

Light Bath is a special type of stretch ceiling installation technique where the entire surface serves as the main lighting source for the interior. The illuminated stretch ceiling provides soft, uniform light and serves as a stylish designer solution.

The lighting system of stretch ceilings based on fiber optic cables creates a real “Star Sky” effect on your ceiling. The “Star Sky” ceiling can be used for relaxation with visual stimulation, as well as for fun interactive games or educational activities.