Magnet Tracks

Magnet (or Magnetic) tracks for stretch ceilings are an innovative lighting solution that combines stylish design and ease of use. They are installed flush with the ceiling, creating an elegant look and adding a modern touch to the interior.
Track lights represent a convenient lighting system for contemporary interiors. The advantage of magnetic tracks lies in their safety and flexibility. The lighting elements operate at 48 Volts, allowing them to be easily repositioned even while in use. This enables quick and effortless adjustment of the light direction, illuminating various interior elements, and creating unique lighting accents in the space.

Magnetic tracks offer an efficient lighting solution for homes and offices. Their usage helps highlight the interior’s uniqueness and provides comfortable illumination. If you are seeking innovative and functional lighting, magnetic tracks for stretch ceilings are the perfect choice.

Variants of design and lighting types

Linear-Pivoting Lights
Linear fixtures designed as elongated elements with the ability to change the pivot angle. They offer directed light and are commonly used for accent lighting. The pivoting design allows directing the light beam to any point in the room.​

Linear Lights
A set of multiple fixtures arranged together or an elongated LED strip on a track. The light source can freely move along the entire length of the structure. Such tracks provide a wide area of light distribution and are suitable for both general and localized lighting purposes.

Single lamps for focused accent lighting with adjustable rotation angles and even different focusing angles. They are used to highlight products, decorative items, furniture, and provide illumination for specific objects.

Pedant Lights
Attached to the track via special suspension cables, these lights come in various lengths, power levels, and designs. They are often used for illuminating dining areas, bar counters, and kitchen islands.